Amplified Teacup

by Seymour Glass & Fleshtone Aura

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Chocolate Monk CDR, choc.316

"These guys both make collages all the time. Seymour's been making them since before you were born (unless you're real old like me). Zukerman's been making them for a while. They've done and still do other things when they're not making collages: Tedium House, Bananafish, Bennifer Editions, Glands of External Secretion, Foxy Digitalis, BUFMS, Gastric Female Reflex, Bren't Lewiis, Charles Balls. lots more. One lives in Toronto and the other in SF. One takes care of a little girl, and the other one's had a tumblr.
Zukerman sometimes makes me think that he is the Gunter Muller of now, if I can be permitted a namedrop that makes me way cooler than you. Because Zukerman disappears into his collaborations, & sounds like who he's playing with. That's a peculiar but hard-won skill. Glass, on the other hand, just makes me imagine there's a humongous octopus living underneath the west coast, worming into people's subconscious by way of all the little bubbles coming out of all his humongous octopus suckers.
There's almost always something missing from a collage. It's not missing as in they forgot it, mind you- just part of what a collage does. It's sustain. There are no pedal points, see? There's no sense of a bassline no matter how low the frequencies go. There are no macro moves, no big hand-wavy gestures. The only thing that runs through your whole listening experience is some pauses. So, it's a little like watching a black & white movie or playing Oregon Trail instead of World of Warcraft. You have to focus in hard and pay attention to the littlest juxtapositions. That makes this a perfect record to put on a drive somewhere and then stream to yourself, because all the stops for buffering will actually help you hear it better. It's a fun record, with laughs in it. Sometimes people think you're not allowed to take that kind of a record seriously, but that's because people are very stupid. You go ahead & laugh all you want."

- Angela Sawyer, Propping up the bar at Midway cafe, 2015.


released November 3, 2015



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Fleshtone Aura Toronto, Ontario

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